Lavender Landscaping Works is a full-service outdoor plants supplier company in Dubai. We provide the best service for all your landscaping needs. Our increasing list of happy customers is a testament to the quality of the work that we provide and the commitment that we have to our work and our clients.
Our Aims and Values

❖ Providing the highest quality services.

❖ Accommodating a wide range of budgets to match each customer.

❖ Keeping our customers satisfied.
❖ Best price guarantee.

Excellent Service
At Lavender we hire only the best of the best so that the service provided to our customers is nothing short of excellent. We grow a creative and personalized landscaping plants that meets our customer’s specifications and the climate in the UAE.
Value for Your Money
With Lavender, you can put away any worries that what you are paying for will not turn out to be what you wanted. Our experts take great care to discuss with the clients their priorities and never make a move until it the customer gives a go-ahead, so you won’t have any unpleasant surprises.
Complete Solution
Lavender is a one stop wholesaler for all garden needs in terms of outdoor plants, indoor plants , seasonals, annuals, Tree , shrubs, etc.